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RE: WOOD: Lateral Design / Link to Testi

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A very sad story. Unfortunately, although the CONSENSUS seems to be that
tort reform is needed, powerful forces are at work to defeat all such
efforts. The Trial Lawyers are a very powerful guild. They finance a huge
chunk of the Democrat Party's candidates, and having a political party in
your back pocket can come in handy.

Bill Clinton is, to my mind, the ultimate Trial Lawyer (he is their great
and good friend).

Whenever "serious" tort reform comes up here in Texas (we have passed some
good measures that stop far short of doing any real "damage" to the
interests of the Trial Lawyers), the "scare" ads come out. They do their
level best to convince the people that "tort reform" means you can't sue
anyone, even for REAL negligence. It's all lies, of course, but then again
you're dealing with Trial Lawyers, who consider truth optional, to be used
only when it suits their own ends.

They say "no good deed goes unpunished". Your story seems to bear that out.

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I would like to see a candidate who would reform our tort system.