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Tenant Improvement

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I am having problem with the server, so I hope someone will get the message!

I am working on an existing two-story medical building. The exterior walls 
are 8" & 12" masonry blocks. The building is approximately 72' x 140'.

They are doing interior Tenant Improvement (TI) and will not be changing any 
of the existing shear walls.

They have opened all the second floor ceiling and have exposed the bottom of 
the roof sheathing. I can see that the roof sheathing is not a blocked 
diaphragm. The building was completed in 1979. I ran some numbers for the 
roof diaphragm and noticed that the shear is about 315 PLF.

I your opinion, do I have to ask them to block the roof diaphragm knowing 
that they are removing the roof covering and installing a new roofing on the 

In addition, the wall ties consists of purlin anchors nailed to the top of 
the TJI type roof trusses. Do they have to do anything about that?

Or, since they are not doing any major structural work, we can leave all that 

Thank you,

F S Rahbar, SE