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Re: California SE exam

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In response to the statement from Ron Hamberger:  "There has been constant 
over past years that the percentage of applicants who actually pass the exam 
too small, and that therefore, it must be unfair and intended primarily to
preclude more engineers from obtaining registration, so as to protect" the
business interests of those who already have a license."  

I would be extremely disappointed to see the CA SE exam watered down or the 2 
consecutive days exam get divided in to two non-consecutive days!  The effect 
will produce less skilled, less knowledgeable engineers performing structural 
engineering for essential facilities.  The exam is rigorous to protect future 
clients by licensing only engineers who will perform high quality good work 
and exclude engineers who are not knowledgeable and skilled enough to pass 
the exam and prevent them from practicing inferior quality work.  Those are 
not be able to pass the exam can still practice structural engineering for 
non-essential facilities, etc.  

I feel strongly that the exam should not be changed and it should continue to 
be taken over 2 Consecutive days, 8 hours each day.

Ed Latthitham, S.E.