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Software Developers participation in list discussions

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There are a large number of software developers who lurk among our discussions and who refrain from participating in the discussion out of respect to the goals of this list.
I want to invite all software developers to participate in the discussions in an advisory position. Our intent is not to sell or promote software (although users often make recommendations). However, it is best to receive answers to specific questions by the developer rather than through speculation.
In most cases, questions are best asked of the developers through their own tech support sites. Realistically, this does not happen as software is a common issue which is discussed on this list. Therefore, I think it certainly appropriate for a developer to jump in and answer questions as well as discuss special features of their software which can both help existing users gain the most of their products AND offer information to those evaluating software to help them draw their own conclusions. All other types of promotions are best left to the software developers website or advertisements.
Dennis S. Wish, PE
Structural Engineering Consultant
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