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Re: Transmission Line Tower Foundations

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In reply to clarification sought by Peter McComack, who wrote:

"Before I jump in with any suggestions, what type/types of towers
are you dealing with? is it a single circuit structure, a dead end,
deviation etc. . . . . "

Dear Peter McComack:

I am extremely grateful for your prompt reply.

My line is 132 KV Double Circuit Overhead Transmission Line. The towers 
include: suspension, 10 deg, 30 deg, 60 deg and terminal. I am making 
bid-stage foundation designs.

The tower reactions have been provided by the tower manufacturer. The data 
says that the reactions are "ultimate" reactions using the same overload 
factors, as have been used in the tower design. I requested the breakup of 
loads and the values of the overload factors, but the manufacturer has 
shown its inability to provide any breakup. All I have been given, for each 
tower type, are: Compression, Uplift, Transverse Shear and Longitudinal 
Shear. I also requested separate reactions for each pair of foundations, 
for the case of angle towers, but even that information does not seem to be 

But I think we can safely assume that broken wire condition must have been 
considered, but how many wires, I can not say.

The employer has provided a design criterion which is rather ambiguous.


Rizwan Mirza