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RE: How about a private listservice for Plan Check Engineers?

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Excellent suggestion Dennis. 

Now you know what we have to go through! Although I wouldn't trade this for
any other job. Anyway, even if a separate list were not approved, I would
post the questions on this list. I think many people might find the
discussions appealing.

Ben Yousefi, SE
San Jose, CA

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	Subject:	How about a private listservice for Plan Check

	This is only a suggestion....

	I have been doing some contract plan review lately and have found it
	increasingly difficult to follow the approaches of many of the
engineers who
	are submitting projects. I would like to know if there are enough
	out there who would like to start a new List to discuss some of the
	that arise in plan review. All submittals are considered private so
	questions will need to be general to protect the engineer or firm
who has
	submitted the work. The purpose is to accumulate opinions that will
	each of use do our job in the most efficient manner possible.

	I am sending a copy of this to SEAOSC board of directors and to
Shafat Qazi
	so that we can determine how much interest there is.

	Dennis S. Wish, PE
	Structural Engineering Consultant
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