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Re: Transmission Line Tower Foundations

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At 03:29 AM 28/02/2000 +-500, you wrote:
>Transmission tower towers are designed with "overload factors" (which 
>differ for different loading conditions and tower type, and range from 1.0 
>to 2.54) using the allowable stresses prescribed specifically for 
>transmission line towers. The ASCE Manual No.52 is the reference, in my 
>My question is regarding the design of tower foundations. Are we supposed 
>to further multiply the tower reactions (already multiplied with overload 
>factors) with additional load factors  (such as 1.4 and 1.7) prescribed by 
>the concrete codes? Also what would be strategy while checking stability 
>against uplift?
>I would be extremely grateful for a prompt reply.
>Rizwan Mirza

Try " Foundations for Transmission Line Towers " Edited by J L Briaud,
Geotechnical Special Publication # 8. ASCE.

Adolfo Galvez, MSc.