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Why make any discussions private?

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Hello everybody,

    Why make any discussion private? Shouldn't all information be available 
to all? What is the point of having private discussions on this listserver; 
it seems that it will defeat the very purpose of this medium.
    I can anticipate a reply to the effect that some may not be interested in 
certain topics;  well, I can, with some confidence, say that not all 
discussions on this board can  interest everybody. And it shouldn't. It is 
not supposed to.  At least we, and all others, get to choose what is 
interesting to us, individually.
    Let the members themselves decide what is interesting to them.  I am a 
firm believer that information should freely flow, and it is up to each 
member to pick as he/she chooses.
    For instance, in the discussions on standard of care, shouldn't all 
viewers/members of this board be allowed to gain the benefit of these 
discussions, and not just the vocal members who dare to post their thoughts? 
Does anyone disagree that this and similar discussions will help improve the 
overall competence, awareness, and skills of all members? Is that not at 
least one reason for this board?
    Keep the information flow public.
Just a thought!

George Hakim