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Re: questions regarding transite roof decking

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We have dealt with this stuff at some local industries. We don't have any
literature but I know that we call it Atlas T-deck. Hope this helps.

At 05:16 AM 2/29/00 -0800, you wrote:
>             "" o.c. and corrugated asbestos-cement (transite) roof
>decking. The transite deck has been filled with a lightweight concrete to
>provide a level surface for the roof insulation. The client wants to put a
>new roof on the freezer facility; however, they do not want  to remove the
>transite decking. The roofing contractor plans to strip the roof of its
>existing components down to the concrete  leveling fill and install the new
>roof components. The new roof dead load will be approximately 50% of that
>of the existing.          With the new roof dead load being decreased, one
>should feel pretty safe about leaving the transite deck in place; however,
>I am concerned about the integrity of the transite panels. Based on a site
>visit, the decking seems to be in good condition with no visible signs of
>flaking or cracking. Based on a visual examination is it safe to assume
>that the deck still possesses it strength characteristics.           For
>the roof analysis I would like to run some quick deflection numbers on the
>existing transite deck with the new roof dead load and live loads as
>required by the current building code. Unfortunately, I know very little
>about the material properties of transite. What is it's modulus of
>elasticity.           I have searched the company library and have not
>found any information on the transite decking. For comparison purposes, it
>would like to find some older vendor information on these transite deck
>panels ( section properties, load tables,  """ center to center, I would
>greatly appreciate it. My fax number is 404-370-3646. Any recomendations
>regarding regulations or other concerns would also be helpful.  Thanks for
>the Help. 
>Rob Williams 
>AGRA Simons Atlanta 
>Associate Engineer, Structural 
David Handy, P.Eng.
The Thompson Rosemount Group, Cornwall, Ont. Canada
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