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RE: Floor Vibration

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For wood frame construction Frank Woeste and Dan Dolan of Virgina Tech have
published results of some studies they've supervised that indicated that
most people will find a comfort level at 15 hz and above with the frequency
determined using dead load only.  As the frequency drops toward 10 hz more
and more people find the vibrations uncomfortable.  I believe they have a
paper on the Virginia Tech website on the subject (at least they used to).
Not sure whether this translates well to steel framing.  There was also a
thesis published there which addressed athletic facilities where aerobic
exercise was done.  Interesting reading.  A number of years ago, I remember
reading a paper that was in one of the ASCE Journals (don't remember which,
but probably Structural) that addressed the problem from a frequency versus
amplitude perspective.  I believe the author was with Wiss Janney Elstner.

Bill Cain, S.E.
Oakland CA

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	I've heard "keep it above 10Hz" as a rule of thumb before.  Not 
	sure about what the actual number is for perception/excitation by 
	walking.  I, too, "have it around here somewhere."  ;-)


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