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RE: bins, hoppers, silos and bunkers

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Being a former "tankie" I highly recommend the Gaylord and Gaylord text.
There is also a good general chapter in the "Structural Engineering
Handbook" also by Gaylord and Gaylord.

Some others that may be helpful:
"Process Equipment Design" by Brownell and Young
"Design and Construction of Silos and Bunkers" by Safarian and Harris
"Steel Plate Engineering Data" (Vol.1 Steel Tanks for Liquid Storage, Vol.2
Useful Information on the Design of Plate Structures) by American Iron and
Steel Institute and Steel Plate Fabricators Association

Also "Roark's Formulas for Stress and Strain" is invaluable for use in flat
plate design.

I believe that there may be some design programs out there, but I can't
recommend any personally.  If you plan on doing a great deal of this type of
work you would probably be better off writing your our routines or

William Pulyer PE
Charlotte, NC
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> Subject:	bins, hoppers, silos and bunkers
> I am still looking for structural design aids for
> bins, hoppers, silos and bunkers.  I have the
> following references so far:
> 1. Tubular steel structures by Troitsky
> 2. Useful Information on the Design of Steel Bins and
> Silos by Buzek.
> I see that there is a book by Gaylord and Gaylord
> called "Design of Steel Bins for Storage of Bulk
> Solids. - Does anyone know it this is useful?
> Any other recommendations out there.
> I don't suppose that anyone has written a program to
> make all of those nasty calculations a little easier?
> Thanks
> Ken
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