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RE: bins, hoppers, silos and bunkers

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Title: RE: bins, hoppers, silos and bunkers


I have found the Gaylord and Gaylord book ("Design of Steel Bins for Storage of Bulk Solids") useful.   It takes a little while to pick out the design procedures from the discussions of alternate theoretical approaches but they're in there (along with some worked examples).   I also recommend ACI 313-97, "Standard Practice for Design  ... of  Concrete Silos ... For Storing Granular Materials", for establishing loads.

Ed Marshall, PE

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Subject:        bins, hoppers, silos and bunkers

I am still looking for structural design aids for
bins, hoppers, silos and bunkers.  I have the
following references so far:
1. Tubular steel structures by Troitsky
2. Useful Information on the Design of Steel Bins and
Silos by Buzek.

I see that there is a book by Gaylord and Gaylord
called "Design of Steel Bins for Storage of Bulk
Solids. - Does anyone know it this is useful?

Any other recommendations out there.

I don't suppose that anyone has written a program to
make all of those nasty calculations a little easier?