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Re: How about a private listservice for Plan Check Engineers?

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Dear Mr. Dennis,

I don't know if you remember but, SISTRUT works with
development software to Structural Engineering here in

The problem that you told is the same that we have

We develop an interNet system to help our users and
non users and I think is a good idea show it for you
and everybody.

The main propouse is a GENERAL REGISTRATION OF
and, contract plan review is a part of it.

first step (running)
{a} each Professional Engineer or Structural Engineer
Company, can register their 'curriculum' in a data
base. This is public, everybody can register and
search on it.  Complete data is only sent to the email
address of who search. It is not available on video.
When someone select your information, the system send
an email for you ... the email nnn(--nospam--at) get you

{b} the Brazilian Institute of Engineers has a table
to calculate a minimum price to develop a structural
project. We have a service on interNet that everybody
can compose your price (area, etc) and register
(storage in our site) with serial number and password 
(only in Portuguese)

second step (already tested)
A new interNet free service was developed for our
users and non users that :

{1} the Structural Engineer can register your 'alias'
on the system named CGPE (initial letters in
Portuguese of General Registration of Structural
Projects). Will be registered name, company, eMail,
etc, but only the 'alias' will be public .You will
choose your
area (geographic, state or city).  If you work in
different areas, you will can register the same or
another 'alias' for each area.

{2} when you register your name / company, you will
link your data to your 'curriculum' registered on {a}.

someone would like to make a structural project ...

{3} the company that contract structural project,
invite some engineers to propouse a solution and
prices to do it.
The engineer registered in CGPE, list all projects for
her area in CGPE and :
{3.1} do not find this special project
  open a new project with information about this
{3.2} find this special project
  includ your name 'alias' in a list that intend to
  work with this project

In both case, the engineer create a table {b} to this
project and link this table in your project

{4} everyone who are registered in this project will
can see the 'curriculum' of the others and will can
see the all table of this project. Only the 'alias'
will be showed .

The first problem here will be solve ...

{5} prices, the base of minimum price to develop the
if someone make a wrong table {b}, you can send an
eMail by the system (will be sent only your 'alias').
You can send messages for one 'alias' or for everyone
who are registered in this project.

end of second step, someone get the project,
was choose by contractor !

{6} one of all registered in this project, will move
this project for a new folder and the project will
have a number and the owner (who get the project) will
create a password for it.

{7} (in discussion...) a complete list of information
of this project will be registered for future
utilization. area, prices, loads, etc.

here we start an data base with geographic area, kind
of construction, prices, etc.  on;y professionals
registered in CGPE wil can access it.

final step (developing)

{i} if the company that contract this structural
engineer, owner of this project in the system CGPE,
would like to contract a new engineer to review the
project (we named here audit), the owner will can
include the 'alias' of this engineer in this project
and all information, messages and etc will be restrict
for the members of this group, the owner and all other
'alias' that will be included.

{ii} all this information is storage on the system and
only the 'alias' registered in this folder can access

It was developed to help the ABECE Brazilian
Association of Structural Engineering and Consulting.
The Association is working to get best prices for
structural engineering and to develop procedures 'how
to audit a project with ethic' .

Best regards

Marcelo P. Picarelli
SISTRUT Software e Tecnologia

--- SEConsultant <seconsultant(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> This is only a suggestion....
> I have been doing some contract plan review lately
> and have found it
> increasingly difficult to follow the approaches of
> many of the engineers who
> are submitting projects. I would like to know if
> there are enough engineers
> out there who would like to start a new List to
> discuss some of the problems
> that arise in plan review. All submittals are
> considered private so the
> questions will need to be general to protect the
> engineer or firm who has
> submitted the work. The purpose is to accumulate
> opinions that will help
> each of use do our job in the most efficient manner
> possible.
> I am sending a copy of this to SEAOSC board of
> directors and to Shafat Qazi
> so that we can determine how much interest there is.
> Regards,
> Dennis S. Wish, PE
> Structural Engineering Consultant
> (208) 361-5447 E-Fax
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