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Re: Ice Expansion Force

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Loosen the nuts on top of the base plate (assuming there are some).  How much 
can 1" of water expand as it freezes?  Let's see--an inch of ice on top of a 
bottle of milk.  Say 1/8" from an inch of water.  Just a thought. 

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<< When I took an Arctic Engineering course from the Army in the 1970's, they 
taught that ice expansion can produce pressures up to 39 ksi.  Use grout, 
caulk, or whatever it takes to keep the water out.

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  Subject: Ice Expansion Force

  I would like some input on the following question:

  I need to know the maximum uplift pressure which could be developed due to 
ice forming under a steel base plate.


  Steel column on levelling nuts, very stiff heavy base plate. No grout in 
place. Water collects in 1" space between underside of base plate and 
concrete foundation and freezes. Need to determine maximum possible force on 
anchor bolts due to ice expansion. 


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