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Re: Ice Expansion Force

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According to my CRC the density of liquid water at 4 deg-C is 1.000; the
density of solid water at o deg-C is 0.9168.  (A little over 9% expansion).
Why fish around for a Rube Goldberg solution?  Just keep the water out,
unless you like corrosion too, The bolts and the plate failing under stress
isn't the problem; it's the bolts bonding to the concrete.  It won't take
too many freeze/thaw cycles to destroy that.

Pat Quinn
Henderson, Nevada

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> Loosen the nuts on top of the base plate (assuming there are some).  How
> can 1" of water expand as it freezes?  Let's see--an inch of ice on top of
> bottle of milk.  Say 1/8" from an inch of water.  Just a thought.