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Re: New California State Architect

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The state recently abolished the position of Chief of Operations which had a
Structural Engineer filling that position. In January, the then-State
Architect was asked by SEAOC representatives why he did that. He replied
that we should allow his attempts at reorganization a period of one year
before evaluating its effectiveness. Currently there are four principal
engineers, one each in the regional offices of DSA.

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Subject: RE: New California State Architect

>Who is(are)the State Engineer(s).  Shouldn't they be responsible for
>reviewing the engineering portions of the work.  Since when is an
>Architect capable.  That is why they hire engineers; isn't it?
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>Subject: New California State Architect
>Governor Gray Davis today announced the appointment of Stephan
>as State Architect.
>Mr. Castellanos, 51, of Valley Springs, is a partner and architect at
>Castellanos Architects, a position he has held for 20 years. He has been
>active member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and has led
>Institute in improving governmental relations, heightening public
>of architectural excellence, and advocating for diversity within the
>profession. Mr. Castellanos is a member of the AIA Board of Directors
>has represented California as the regional AIA director since 1998. He
>earned numerous awards of achievement including the Presidential
>from the American Institute of Architects, California Council in both
>and 1998. Mr. Castellanos earned a bachelor of architecture degree from
>California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.
>The State Architect is responsible for reviewing the plans and
>of publicly funded schools and essential services buildings. The State
>Architect reviews the building process to ensure that the plans, their
>specifications, and the actual construction are in compliance with
>California's exacting requirements for structural safety, fire and life
>safety, and accessibility for the building classifications.
>Mr. Castellanos will receive a salary of $104,570. This position
>Senate confirmation