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Re: Steel Joists - Shop drawing review

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] In my opinion, the joist bill of material and placement drawings are equivalent to the red iron fabrication and erection drawings.  As such they are the sole responsibility of the joist manufacturer, and if they bear any seal it should be that of the manufacturer exclusively.  If the joist engineer is smart, s/he will include a qualifying (cya) statement that their signature is to indicate that the joists are designed in accordance with the building drawings only, and that any responsibility for the suitability of these joists for this application is the sole responsibility of the engineer that specified them.

In other words, the EOR is responsible for specifying the joists and their loads, the manufacturer is responsible for the joists and to make sure they meet what the EOR specifies.


Mike O'Brien wrote:

If the steel joist calculations and drawings are designed and stamped (with
a stamp from the state where the joists are going to be installed) by the
manufacturer's engineer, can the city building department rightly demand
that the EOR for the building also stamp the drawings?  If the city can,
should the city demand the EOR's stamp?

Or should the EOR only review the drawings, etc. and place a shop drawing
review stamp on it since the EOR did not design nor have responsible charge
for the design of the steel joists?  The EOR only specified loads, etc.

I am on the cusp of having a discussion with a city plan checker about this
and would like to get some input.

Mike O'Brien, SE (as of 2 days ago)  Congratulations!