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[OT] [JOKE] Miscommunication

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This is way OT, but I hope that it will bring tears to your eyes as it did to 
mine.  (Pirated from another *serious* listservice.)

In his autobiography "The Moon's a Balloon", the suave English movie actor
David Niven recalls being tested for entry to naval college:

"The first exam was the medical one.

 Half a dozen at a time, we were stripped naked and to test our hearts, made
 to climb ropes without using our legs; then the usual tapping of knees and
 peering into ears, mouths and eyes took place.

 Finally, 'get on your marks as though you were going to run a hundred yards'.
 Once in position, a large hand grabbed our testicles from the rear.

 'Cough!' came the order.  One poor little brute thought the man said 'Off!'
and leaped eagerly forward.

 He was still being rubbed with ice when I was fully dressed and waiting to
 be summoned by the Admirals."