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Re: Steel Joists - Shop drawing review

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Mike O'Brien, new SE, (Congratulations!) wrote:

>>If the steel joist calculations and drawings are designed and stamped (with
a stamp from the state where the joists are going to be installed) by the
manufacturer's engineer, can the city building department rightly demand
that the EOR for the building also stamp the drawings?  If the city can,
should the city demand the EOR's stamp?<<


I depends on the state laws.  Here in Arizona an Engineer is permitted to 
seal only work performed by the registrant or by a *bona fide employee of the 
registrant.*  To do otherwise jeopardizes your license and your bank 
account.  A review of disciplinary actions taken by the Arizona Board of 
Technical Registration ( shows that they are not hesitant 
in enforcing that law.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona