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Re: [OT] [JOKE] Miscommunication

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At 10:29 PM 03/02/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>In his autobiography "The Moon's a Balloon", the suave English movie actor
>David Niven recalls being tested for entry to naval college...

I read this very entertaining book in the 1970's and wish I still had the
copy. Niven wound up in the Army, a Scottish regiment, posted to Malta in
idle times between the wars. At a fancy costume ball, he and another junior
officer came in siamesed together as a Maltese goat, to the disgust of local
dignitary guests. The fellow in the goat's rear had a bag of black olives
which in due course he emptied out the back. Shouts of "Bad Show!" was their
immediate reward; other sanctions followed.