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Re: Lead time for steel JOISTS

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In my experience, with steel joists the bottle neck is in the drafting
phase.  Evidently the manufacturers do not have the manpower to cover the
peaks.  If you do the shop drawings yourself, which isn't difficult, you can
dramatically affect the delivery time.

John P. Riley
Riley Engineering
Blue Grass, Iowa
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Subject: RE: Lead time for steel JOISTS

This brings up another question.

We just had a contractor inform us that a job that we put out to bid for a
private-sector client, which has some light roof joists in a small, single
story new building (the other, larger existing building is just interiors)
are "long lead items" and suggested that we change our design to show
CHANNELS for the roof support beams.

The joists I'm showing are like 12K3s, with 19'-0" spans.

How the heck is that a "long lead item" unless there's something I don't

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In reply to Randy Diviney message:

Yes, there is still a major problem with the availability of most all
structural shapes, with no relief or end in sight.  At this point, shapes
that we mill order in March/April may not be available until June/July, and
that is not a certainty.  We have had to wait as long as five months for
shapes here recently.

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