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FW: Wind load on open box

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Shielding has not been codified anywhere that I know of in the US, but I
have a copy of a European code that deals with shielding effects.  The
publication is "Rules for the Design of Hoisting Appliances" by the
Federation Europeenne de la Manutention.  This referenced was provided by
the Commentary to the Wind Load Provisions of the Uniform Building Code
(11/3/92).  For your specific situation, the windward wall would see the
full load ( pressure and suction) and the leeward wall would see 12.5 % of
the windward force.  Of course for wind in the opposite direction the roles
would be reversed.

I hope that this helps,

Curt La Count, P.E.
Jacobs Engineering
Portland, OR
From: James Lane, P.E.
To: seaint(--nospam--at)
Subject: Wind load on open box
Date: Friday, March 03, 2000 8:01AM

Have an existing 20'x20'x16'height box with the top open. The box sets on
the top of a roof.

Question: Does the second (leeward wall) pick up full wind pressure as the
first wall? Any good references for how much the second wall will pick up.

In the past I have always been conservative and used full pressures on both.
What if the bax were smaller the first wall would shield the second wall and
you would think pressures would be less.

Any comments