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Re: Response to Keymark Message and additional Questions

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Dennis S. Wish wrote:
>My question is that Model is suppose to allow for input of DXF files yet I
>can find nothing in the help files or menus to explain how this is done?
>Also, many features are listed in the help files as "Coming Soon". Can you
>elaborate on these to some degree?

John Drozdek responds:
To use the KeyLat software, the user must first create a model of the
structure.  The Keymark modeling program (called "Model") allows the user
to accurately draw/define a 3D representation of the building, which can
then be used by KeyLat or any of the other Keymark modules. 

The Model program (and all of Keymark's software modules) has recently
undergone a comprehensive conversion from DOS to Windows.  However,
completion of the Model (for Windows) conversion did not coincide with the
initial release for KeyLat.  Rather than wait for the full-blown version of
Model to be ready, Keymark chose to release KeyLat with a  working version
of Model that included enough functionality to support essential aspects of
lateral-load analysis.  For example, the full-blown Model program contains
several handy macros that were not included with KeyLat, because the macros
could be accomplished manually.  These types of non-essential features were
"grayed out."

Keymark is preparing to release the full-blown Model (for Windows) soon.
When that occurs, KeyLat customers will receive the "upgrade" at no
additional cost.  Until then, KeyLat users have access to a version of
Model that doesn't have all the same functionality/features that the
full-blown version will have.  This is the reason for the "Coming Soon"
message that appears in the help menus.  Note that there will always be
features in Model that relate only to gravity load analysis & design, and
have no impact on the lateral analysis & design.  Such features will always
be "grayed out" for KeyLat users.  However, the use of DXF files for Model
input is among the many features that will be available to KeyLat users
when the full-blown Model (for Windows) product is released.


John M. Drozdek, E.I.T.
Project Engineer for KeyLat
Keymark Enterprises, Inc.