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RE: Lead time for steel JOISTS

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When are you going to realize, contractors know more than we do.  That is
why they are only liable for a year in stead of ................. until we


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> Subject: RE: Lead time for steel JOISTS
> This brings up another question.
> We just had a contractor inform us that a job that we put out to bid for a
> private-sector client, which has some light roof joists in a small, single
> story new building (the other, larger existing building is just interiors)
> are "long lead items" and suggested that we change our design to show
> CHANNELS for the roof support beams.
> The joists I'm showing are like 12K3s, with 19'-0" spans.
> How the heck is that a "long lead item" unless there's something I don't
> know?