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While we should be eager to embrace "proven" new technology or methodology, there is a debate in our Association in BC, Canada that is concerned with the legal implications of using "new" technology or methods that have not been enshrined in the Local Authority By-Laws and codes.  The paradox is that if you use new technology or method that is seemly superior to codified tech and something goes wrong then you might be exposed to the liability that you did not conform to code.  Also if the new technology is more expensive that the codified your client might be justified in seeking damages against you. 
Alternatively you must prove that the new method is equivalent to, or better than, codified.

Thor A Tandy P.Eng, MCSCE
Victoria BC
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Sent: Friday, March 03, 2000 1:53 PM
Subject: ICBO ER

Fellow Engineers:

Have / would any of you specify a structural solution based on new
technology if it has been proven and documented elsewhwere but does not
yet have an ICBO ER Number?

Any and all replies appreciated.


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