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Bridge replacement

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Hi everybody,

It will be very grateful if someone can help me finding some important information about the technology " Bridge replacement".an interesting website or documents, pictures ar videos in videotapes. for the last one, i ll be able to buy them.

The problem we have :

A post tensioned concrete bridge, located in the ocean in MOrocco ( a wharf), is in a terrible situation ( all the tendons are corroded and cuted because of corrosion/ the concrete is spalling and continuing to be/ the transverse bars are also in a damaged state). So we did the rehabilitation of some spans more damaged. But, there is still a problem : the rehabilitation we did (using Sika products for cracks and spalling) doesn't bring any stifness and rigidity to the old concrete. We re always afraid from a collapse. So the unique solution is to replace these spans with girders in steel ( no concrete then...)

So i need some informations about this (materials : floating crane, cutting the tendons.....)

Thanks in Advance.
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