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RE: Lead time for steel JOISTS

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I think the real problem is this particular contractor doesn't "do" joists.
I know that sounds funny but some of these contractors for specialized
markets are this way. These folks for example do a lot of
chemical/petrochemical plant work. Not much call for joists there. The
building in question is for a chemical research and manufacturing company,
but the facility is located in an office park and looks no different from
any other "commercial" building there.

I think the contractor's comment reflects his desire to have the world work
the way he does.

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To my knowledge joists do not currently have a long lead time.  As
suggested, detailing often is the bottleneck, but even so I don't think
lead times are generally bad right now.  If your contractor is having
trouble, s/he may need to find a new supplier.  There are several good
ones around, if you're having trouble finding one email me privately and
I'll give you a recommendation.

Phil Hodge