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RE: Plz. type in the subject of your e-mail

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Ed's message brings up another good point. AOL is somewhat behind the times.
AOL will only interpret ASCII text and will convert HTML messages into plain
text (ASCII) and places all HTML components as attachments. To make matters
worse, some of the list members are unable to receive messages with
This is one of the reasons, I believe, for messages with missing subjects. I
think AOL tends to strip out the subject line when included with an RTF
(Rich Text Format) or HTML formatted document.

We should keep this in mind and restrict our posts to the list as ASCII text
only until all email programs are able to receive other types of formats.


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Subject: Plz. type in the subject of your e-mail

Dear everyone:
Some of the e-mails do not have subject listed. It would be very helpful for
me and everyone else if all of the e-mails come to us have the suject
(Title).  Thanks for your awareness, ahead of time.
Ed Latthitham