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CE vs IT

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I saw this thread on this message board that CE's in SFO make about 45k according to a SEAOC survey on their web site.
This is rather a pathetic situation and people are changing careers from CE to the IT industry.  There is no rigorous board certification required in IT, not years of experience and of couse there is no question of liability insurance (see the note in most of the software agreement).  ARE WE SITTING IN A SINKING SHIP??

I have come across people who have gone ahead and done their masters in CE and a few years experience .  They wash everything down the drain when they change careers to the IT industry getting a straight 50% raise. (40k to 60k) just with a course (done part time) and very little experience.  WHERE IS OUR BRANCH HEADING?

There are even Phds from Math, physics etc working as a programmer.  We are def. smarter people  most of the people in this group are much capable and smarter than the average computer programmers out in the wild (most of them doing dumb data entry).  IS IT TIME TO JUMP SHIP?

Good times ahead:  If so many people jump ship there is def. going to be a need for CE in the near future!!!


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