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enercalc problem?

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I ran into a problem last week with Enercalc.  I faxed the problem to
technical "support" only not to receive a reply.

Has anyone out there ran into the following problem?

In the "general timber beam module" and in the "timber cantilevered beam
module" the reactions, shears, and bendings moments are calculated
incorrectly.  It appears that the program does not "subtract" the reaction
that would result from a simple span beam hanging from the cantilever end.
An interesting test is to put the same geometry and loads in the "beam
analysis module" only to get the right answers there.

Also, you might want to verify Fc Allow on a glu laminated Douglas Fir,
24F-V8 with the 1997 N.D.S.

My apologies to Enercalc if these results are due to my lack of experience
with the software.

Any comments?

david adie