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RE: Details for a beam B 20 X 59

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The oldest AISC manual I have is 1962. The 'B' shapes are "miscellaneous
light beams", but I couldn't find one this size. I think AISC has a
publication with dimensions and section properties of discontinued shapes
you can order from their web site.

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Subject: Details for a beam B 20 X 59

     During  a  review  of  an old  project,  I  came across  a 
    beam   designation     B 20 X 59.
    Does  any  one  knows  what  it  is  equivalent  to  a  shape 
    in  green  book.   Where  can  I  find  the  properties  of 
    this  on  the  internet.   Any  and  all  help  will  be  really 
   appreciated.  Thanx  a  million  in  advance.

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