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RE: CE vs IT

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But, what about that *tremendous* job satisfaction :o)?


Bill Allen, S.E. (CA #2607)
Laguna Niguel, CA

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||Subject: CE vs IT
||I saw this thread on this message board that CE's in SFO make
||about 45k according to a SEAOC survey on their web site.
||This is rather a pathetic situation and people are changing
||careers from CE to the IT industry.  There is no rigorous
||board certification required in IT, not years of experience
||and of couse there is no question of liability insurance (see
||the note in most of the software agreement).  ARE WE SITTING
||I have come across people who have gone ahead and done their
||masters in CE and a few years experience .  They wash
||everything down the drain when they change careers to the IT
||industry getting a straight 50% raise. (40k to 60k) just with
||a course (done part time) and very little experience.  WHERE
||There are even Phds from Math, physics etc working as a
||programmer.  We are def. smarter people  most of the people
||in this group are much capable and smarter than the average
||computer programmers out in the wild (most of them doing dumb
||data entry).  IS IT TIME TO JUMP SHIP?
||Good times ahead:  If so many people jump ship there is def.
||going to be a need for CE in the near future!!!
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