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enercalc problem?

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Dear Mr. Adie:

We were made aware of your question on the SEAINT list server and will be
happy to look into it further. We only receive the list server as a daily
digest and so are not aware of any ENERCALC messages until the day after
they are posted.

Please accept our apologies for the delayed response.....a rigorous
software development schedule has been distracting us from the prompt reply
to all communications.

We have located your fax and will be contacting you directly when we have
an answer.

Part of the difference may be because the General Timber Beam program moves
the live load around to find the true maximum values, i.e. it removes
cantilever live load from the end opposite where the maximum reaction is
being calculated. This is always a common question when calculating results
and not performing "skip" loading of live load.


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