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RE: Tedds Software

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Recently I got the program and went through the manuals, it is a very useful
tool which for structural engineers is great over MathCad or Excel. It takes
a getting familiar with and has a higher than average learning curve. The
output is 2nd to none and the interface is great. The biggest problem I have
with it is the speed of the program, which I have been talking to them on
finding, what the problem could be (I have a PIII 550x). Works fine inside
word 97 and a good tech support.

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>  I was just wondering if anyone has used and is familiar with the Tedds
> software.  It looks interesting and wanted to get some unbiased
> feed back.
> How is the customer service and the accuracy of the programs?
> How does it
> interphase with Word?
> Andy