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RE: Tedds Software

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I purchased the TEDDS software shortly after reading about it in Modern
Steel Construction and the posts on the SEAINT list.  The more I use the
software, the more I like it.  I cannot say how good their technical support
is, because I have not had to use it.  However, their customer service is
great.  They have called me in the past to ask how I liked the program and
if there were any improvements I would like to see.  I was exceptionally
impressed when they notified me of their Christmas schedule, just in case I
needed their support during said period.  That tells me they realize our
schedules and how we as engineers work; i.e. always trying to meet a
deadline (at least myself).  I would recommend the program to everyone, and
would be interested in swapping libraries in the future.

Brian K. Smith, P.E.