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RE: MS Project 2000

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I worked with MS Project 1997 and also Harvard Project
Manager (HPM). I used these programs for planning both
construction and consulting projects. In my opinion,
HPM is more capable for project scheduling, specially
for consulting projects that need kind of work
breakdown procedure. Unfortunately I worked with HPM
some years ago, and I don't know about any new version
for Windows. But in the other side, MS Project
provides great possibilities for linking this program
to other Microsoft programs, such as Excell. In this
way I created some worksheets on Excell that allow me
to estimate projects and then send the results to MS
Project for time scheduling purposes. Also MS Project
results are transferable to Excell to get more output
from project tracking.
Hope that you find this helpful,
Fariborz Tehrani,                 Phone: (310)509-8826
Civil Engineer                      Fax: (530)481-9532
BSCE, MSCE, PE               Voice Mail: (877)743-6206
email: fmtehrani(--nospam--at)

--- Joseph Harouni <yosi_h(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> I have not got the program yet; waiting for some
> response from others.
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>   From: Barry H. Welliver
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>   Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2000 1:44 PM
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>   Subject: Re: MS Project 2000
>   I've been reviewing the demo for Project 2000 but
> haven't gotten too far.
> My initial impression is that it may be too much
> program for my needs. I
> liked the fact that there is at least a template
> related to my work (civil I
> think). I guess I'm a bit overwhelmed by the
> features as I was looking to
> (finally) replace my old Lotus Agenda system.
>   I'd be interested to know your first impressions.
>   Barry H. Welliver
>   Joseph Harouni wrote:
>      Hi,
>     Does any body uses MS Project 2000 for
> scheduling and timing of their
> structural design? And what do you think about it?
>     Thanks,
>     Joseph Harouni
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