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     To  all,
    I  would  like  to  thank  all  of  you  who  responded  to  my 
    inquiry  about  the  beam  B20x59. Response  was  quick  and 
    very informative.  I am going to order the book  " Iron and Steel 
   Beams,  1873  to  1953  "   from  A.I.S.C. 
   I  really  appreciate  for  the  information.  I  feel  very  lucky  to 
   be  a  part  of  such  a  wonderful group of structural engineers.

   thanks  again  

   arvind  bisarya  ( arvind_bisarya(--nospam--at) )
  314 - 539 - 0471   Phone
  314 - 539 - 8321   Fax

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