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Re: Seeing the my sent e-mail

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Whenever you post to the list, the list will send you a message back indicating that it was posted. If you are filtering your messages, then make sure that the message gets to the appropriate folder.

The list server works best with email that is sent as a plain text. Outlook has a lot of baggage attached to its email that carries information about the text fonts, formatting etc. Sometime this baggage causes the list to reject it, assuming it has a virus, and sometimes not able to handle certain non-standard ASCII characters within the body of the email. It is recommended to send your email in plain text format. Encoding method for attachment should always be set to MIME.

Eudora Pro is my choice. I have about seven email addresses and get close to 200 email everyday. Eudora Pro is designed well to handle multiple accounts and use rules that make it easy for me to review all the email is a short time.

Hope that helps.


At 03/08/00 05:53 AM, you wrote:
I use outlook to send my e-mail to (SEAOSC) server. Is there a way I could
see my own messages own messages being posted to the server, to see if it
has been received?
Joseph Harouni