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Dear Brian,

I have never run into this problom befor with a steel building, but I have 
run into the problem with concrete drawings.  The contractor didn't see the 
need to provide shop drawings.

I would first check with your insurance carrier and ask his/her advice about 
liablity. I assume youm are not planning to abondon the job.

Your client will porbably need you during the course of construction.  You 
must not let this issue create a problem between you and contactor and owner, 
you must make the best of it.  When asked to perform construction observation 
you will porbably need to spend alot of billable hours in the field verifying 
dimensions and sizes.  He will have to pay for it or he will not get his 
approval. If he refuses you will create a document trail.  You must make it 
clear to any future judging body that you were willing to work out your 
differences, that your were willing to comproimise if some of the quality 
assurance issues were not met, and that you did not delay the project.

Good luck, We all know how you feel

Ken Tarlow


If you don't want to work from send him my name.  (just kidding)

Is he not going to need you to to perform site observation.  If you are the 
Engineer of record.