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This is from memory & is not a criticism of the program...

In my previous employment, we received the new version of Enercalc. I found
two bugs in the program that I rarely used (only because I didn't have the
time to learn all the features). They were in the Joist & Beam design
program and in the base plate program.

Joist & beam program: The demand forces did not match the diagrams.
Baseplate: The stresses were not being calculated properly.

I called up tech support and they immediately gave me a website to go to
where I could download the patch file. They also pointed out a problem with
one of the concrete programs. That was in November of last year and they may
have the patch on their general website by now. It fixed the baseplate
problem, I didn't try the joist program however. It is a 6 MB patch and
takes a long time to download.

A couple of improvements I would like to see is LRFD for steel design (For
all of us Rogue Engineers) and better input options. I found that a lot of
times (mainly in the cantilevered beam program) that if I entered a value in
a field, then switch to a different span, upon returning to the first span,
all of the entries were either gone or switched from the last revised span.
(Is that a run on sentence or what) A better manual is also necessary, I
hate using help files and would rather have a text along side when I try
something new than to keep flip flopping between windows (SAME TO YOU GUYS
AT RISA !). The manual provided mainly deals with file saving structure.

Other than those complaints, I really liked using Enercalc and would
recommend it.

Gerard Madden, P.E.
Civil Engineer/Structural Designer

The Bentley Company,
A Subsidiary of Enron Energy Services North America, Inc.
Ph: 925.543.3810
Fx: 925.543.3551
Email: gerard_madden(--nospam--at)