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Re: Seeing the my sent e-mail

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I usually get a message from the SEAINT server showing my message with a
note saying that it was received when I post something.  I will forward a
copy of a sample to you after this is posted by private email.

Beware of Outlook.  The SEAINT server doesn't seem to like it.  That is
why I now do the SEAINT list server through my personal account.  My
office uses Outlook and I had trouble posting messages.

Hope this helps.


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On Wed, 8 Mar 2000, Joseph Harouni wrote:

> I use outlook to send my e-mail to (SEAOSC) server. Is there a way I could
> see my own messages own messages being posted to the server, to see if it
> has been received?
> Thanks,
> Joseph Harouni