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Re: Shop drawings: who's responsibility?

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George Hakim wrote:

>>How could the EOR determine that the structural drawings were complied with?
Who is primarily responsible for this compliance? 
This is an integral part of the EOR's responsibility, it seems; i.e. to make 
sure that the shop implimented his drawings and fabricated the structural 
members accordingly.
Unless the owner or builder relieves the EOR of this responsibility, the EOR 
is taking a major risk.  Should the owner or builder insist on not having 
shop drawings prepared, the EOR should ask for a release of liability as to 
any shop fabrication screw ups and any subsequent possible delays, extra 
costs, etc...
This allocation of responsibility is better discussed at the contract 
negotiation stages, as it could be a cause of disagreement with the owner, 
builder or even the architect during construction.<<

An analogous situation (I think) would be a person going to a doctor 
complaining about swollen feet.  The doctor looks at the feet and says that 
he can't find anything wrong with the feet to cause them to swell.  The 
person later dies of congestive heart failure and the doctor is sued for not 
diagnosing this condition.  The doctor's defense is, "The patient complained 
about swollen feet, not his heart, so I didn't look at the heart."

It is better to correct a problem, or potential problem, before it becomes a 
problem.  Once something gets out in the field, we all know and have 
experienced the plea, "Can we use it?", "How can we make it work?", "Can we 
add 'this or that' to it?"

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona