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RE: MRF - WF bm & pipe col

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Fred Palmer at the Steel Tube Institute may have some advice for you. (412)
221-8926, or 929 McLaughlin Run Rd, Suite 8, Pittsburgh, PA 15017

Bob Shaw

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Subject: Re: MRF - WF bm & pipe col

At 14:00 06-03-2000 -0900, you wrote:
>Is anyone aware of connection capacity test results--in the public
>domain--for moment-resisting-frames with WF beams and pipe
>columns?  Would appreciate references or suggestions.
>Thank you,
>D a v i d   E v a n s

try this book:

Hollow Sections Joints by Jaap Wardenier (1982 - Delft University
ISBN 90 6275 084 2