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I have used Visual Analysis and Visual Design by Integrated Engineering
Software for several years.  The first thing I did with these programs was
to compare results to several textbook examples to verify a) I knew what I
was doing and b) the programs functioned properly.  Had I observed "bugs" I
would not be using the software today.  Without trust in the software's
functionality, wouldn't I need to verify each run by hand?

John P. Riley, SE
Riley Engineering
Blue Grass, Iowa

PS:  If you use IES software and would like to communicate with other users,
send me an email.  Or if there is already a forum for discussing the
software, please clue me in.  There have been instances when I had to rely
on IES to find my input mistakes.  Seems like there should be a users group
willing to help out now and again.
Gerard Madden wrote:.
In my previous employment, we received the new version of Enercalc. I found
two bugs in the program . . . .

Joist & beam program: The demand forces did not match the diagrams.
Baseplate: The stresses were not being calculated properly.