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RE: Tedds Software

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I hate to pick Harold up, but in fact the traditional square root symbol is
available in TEDDS.

TEDDS works inside Word and is designed as an automated calc pad for
engineers, the documents produced can include formulae, text and sketches -
just like hand calculations.  Harold is correct in that there are some
differences in the style of presentation, but most engineers like the look
of TEDDS calculations.

If anyone would like to see sample calcs I'd be glad to send them some.


Carl Taylor
CSC (NA) Ltd
web site:

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The one thing that MathCad has over Tedds is the format of the formulas.
The formulas in MathCad look like hand generated calculations (square roots
look like square roots).  The Tedds formulas look like a spreadsheet (square
roots are quantities in parenthesis raised to the 1/2 power).

Harold Sprague