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RE: Shop drawings: who's responsibility?

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I agree.  That is why I posted the question initially.  I specified that
shop drawings be prepared, they were not.  The contractor told the OWNER it
would take 4 weeks for shop drawings, 2 weeks for review, and 2 weeks to fab
the steel.  The OWNER saw that as 8 weeks, as opposed to letting the
contractor run wild for 2 weeks, for a savings of 6 weeks.  This building is
a restaurant, that will generate $50,000 a week easily.  All the OWNER sees
is money.

Brian Smith

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> Subject: Re: Shop drawings: who's responsibility?
> How could the EOR determine that the structural drawings were
> complied with?
> Who is primarily responsible for this compliance?
> This is an integral part of the EOR's responsibility, it seems;
> i.e. to make
> sure that the shop implimented his drawings and fabricated the structural
> members accordingly.
> Unless the owner or builder relieves the EOR of this
> responsibility, the EOR
> is taking a major risk.  Should the owner or builder insist on not having
> shop drawings prepared, the EOR should ask for a release of
> liability as to
> any shop fabrication screw ups and any subsequent possible delays, extra
> costs, etc...
> This allocation of responsibility is better discussed at the contract
> negotiation stages, as it could be a cause of disagreement with
> the owner,
> builder or even the architect during construction.