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Re: shear wall blocking

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Shear transfer from one panel to the adjacent one is through the sheathing fasteners. Theoretically, the fit of blocking doesn't enter into the picture. But, in APA tests of diaphragms and shear walls, the blocking is fit reasonably tight (for diaphragms, we use Simpson Strong-Tie Z2 hangers so blocking can be used flatwise). If the blocking is "loose" fit, end nailing into adjacent framing (studs) has a gap between members, and blocking could be subject to shifting when nailing sheathing to it, maybe with gap between sheathing and blocking. Therefore, I'd recommend reasonably tight fit for blocking between framing.
John Rose/APA, Tacoma, WA

John Fulginiti wrote:

A contractor asked me if he can cut shear wall blocking 1/4 inch short each endto make it easier to fit between the studs.  I always assumed it was installed tight. Any opinions? Thanks . John FulginitiSpokane, Wa