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RE: Pile Cap Design Guidance

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ACI Design Handbook Vol. 1 (ACI 340.1R) has a good design example for
pile cap design.  Two and Three pile pile caps are designed the same as
a pile cap with eight piles.  However on two pile pile caps you have a
stability problem, and need to tie to other caps (i.e., with a grade
beam) to prevent rotation about the narrow dimension.

Charles F. Espenlaub, III, P.E. 
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Subject: Pile Cap Design Guidance

I am desperately seeking information on the manual design of 2 and 3
pile Pile Caps.  All of my examples in text books and CRSI material work
with more piles per cap than I am considering.  
I can not simply "handbook" the caps as I am using 30" diameter augered
piles and 36" diameter augered piles with 2.5 diameter spacing.  I'm
outside the CRSI parameters for both their program and handbook.
ANY suggestions, guidance, or direction would be greatly appreciated.

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