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Re: CA State Engineer

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The state still has the equivalent of chief engineers in several departments
including Caltrans, the Dept of Water Resources, Division of Dam Safety,
OSHPD, etc. The State Architect's Office's former position of Chief of
Operations did not extend to these other branches of government. Fred
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Date: Thursday, March 09, 2000 6:40 PM
Subject: CA State Engineer

>In the 1800s there was an office of California State Engineer.  The first
>was William Hammond Hall, who was a major influence in establishing the
>State's water system.  By some accounts, opposition to water projects came
>from railroad companies vying for routes, and eventually the State Engineer
>position was eliminated.  If others can confirm, deny, or clarify this,
>please advise.
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>Subject: Re: New California State Architect
>>The state recently abolished the position of Chief of Operations which had
>Structural Engineer filling that position. In January, the then-State
>Architect was asked by SEAOC representatives why he did that. He replied
>that we should allow his attempts at reorganization a period of one year
>before evaluating its effectiveness. Currently there are four principal
>engineers, one each in the regional offices of DSA.
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>Date: Thursday, March 02, 2000 12:18 PM
>Subject: RE: New California State Architect
>>Who is(are)the State Engineer(s).  Shouldn't they be responsible for
>>reviewing the engineering portions of the work.  Since when is an
>>Architect capable.  That is why they hire engineers; isn't it?
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