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Re: shear wall blocking

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A question to answer a question..... I had always though that blocking
in a shearwall (and non-shearwalls) was an integral part that prevented
stud buckling.  If you set the blocking in loose, all you have is the
nailing in the plywood.  Maybe that's enough?

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>>> jwatson(--nospam--at) 03/10/00 05:50AM >>>
> John Fulginiti wrote:
> A contractor asked me if he can cut shear wall blocking 1/4 inch short
> each end
> to make it easier to fit between the studs.  I always assumed it was
> installed tight.
> Any opinions?
> Thanks .
> John Fulginiti
> Spokane, Wa

Stud and joists are considered braced in the weak direction by the diaphragm.   I also agree that the transfer at the plywood is transfered through the connection of the plywood and the blocking and that exact fit is desired but not a reason to have the blocking removed and replaced.  If there is a concern, consider adding glue in an addition to the nailing.